Indoor coverings

Indoor coverings

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The interior coverings of a home deserve some attention because, if well studied, they can give the environment a whole different aspect. The stoneware wall tiles for the bathroom, for the living room and for the outdoors can be selected from many types of products in fact the production of porcelain stoneware today is almost infinite and varied, the models vary according to styles, sizes and thicknesses. . In recent years, for example, there has been a boom in wood-effect porcelain stoneware which, thanks to modern techniques, is able to faithfully reproduce the grain of any type of real wood with the eternal characteristics of stoneware. A further note of consideration also deserves the large concrete or resin effect slabs which, thanks to the limited thickness and the few joints, are able to give an industrial and modern look to the environment. For coatings, ceramic tiles are usually preferred over porcelain stoneware due to the fact that they do not need resistance to trampling and the production cost is slightly lower, while porcelain stoneware which can be glazed, lapped, natural, colored in the mass or all mixture due to its characteristics can be used more conveniently to cover external walls that are often in contact with atmospheric agents and subject to sudden changes in temperature. Most of the products in our shop are available in stock with short, certain and insured delivery times. On our shop you will find the best brands such as Ceramica Sant'Agostino , Gardenia , Rex , Cerim , Abk, Imola and many others.