Exhaust systems and accessories

Exhaust systems and accessories

Sale of exhaust systems.

Choose from the various types of toilet cisterns and installation accessories.

Grohe , Geberit , Pucci modern built-in boxes for masonry or plasterboard. Nowadays, most of the installations are carried out with the flush-mounted toilet cistern that guarantees a clean appearance and reduces clutter and noise to a minimum. The drain systems are in fact suitable for any type of sanitary fixture and wall support. In our shop you will find the most famous Geberit Sigma 08, the Combifix and Duofix modules, or the tireless Grohe , Pucci and Tece . We also have immediate availability of external cisterns in ABS or ceramic for economic bathrooms or for temporary renovations, as well as for service bathrooms and classic environments. The replacement or installation of the toilet flush cistern is an intervention that is among those for which it is possible to take advantage of tax deductions.


Grohe toilet cistern 80 mm thick

€211.06 €122.41
  • -42%

Geberit Combifix Sigma8 module for 109 cm wall hung toilet

€454.12 €272.47
  • -40%


€58.41 €40.89
  • -30%