Siphon for Bidet in Chrome Brass 1 "1/4 Royal Bonomini series


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Siphon for Bidet Chrome 1 "1/4 Royal Bonomini series

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Inspectionable siphon, without drain with stainless steel rose.

Use: Bidet
Material: ABS + Brass
Typology: "S" Esse
Connection: 1 1/4 inch
Discharge diameter: 3.2 cm
Height adjustment: from 12 cm to 22 cm
Length adjustment: Max 33.5 cm

Bonomini Srl produces and markets articles for plumbing, in particular those necessary for the discharge of waste water, such as siphons, fittings and pipes in plastic material.

Each product is conceived, analyzed, designed and developed, in all its technological aspects within the company.

The result is an obvious advantage in terms of quality acquired by the product, kept under constant control in every step of production and enriched with practical measures suggested by both customers and installers.

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