Fugalite bio pearl gray 3 kg bag


Color: Pearl gray

Format: 3 kg

Packaging type: plastic jar



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Fugalite eco pearl gray 3 kg bag

  • Color: Pearl gray
  • Format: 3 kg
  • Packaging type: plastic jar

Certified, eco-friendly, stucco and ceramic adhesive with high smoothness and cleanability, bacteriostatic and fungistatic, waterproof and stain-resistant for joints from 0 to 10 mm with high chemical-mechanical resistance, guarantees the continuity of ceramic surfaces, ideal for use in GreenBuilding. With very low emissions of volatile organic compounds.

Fugalite® Eco is liquid ceramic for the continuous grouting of all ceramic and glass mosaic coverings. Available in 3 color collections for a total of 28 colors that give space to creativity and the most original combinations, giving an unmistakable beauty to the environments.


• Interior floors and walls

• Suitable for porcelain stoneware, ceramics, large formats, low thickness slabs, glass mosaic

• Ceramized, it guarantees the performance continuity of the ceramic and the total uniformity of the color

• Ceramic coated, ideal for gluing and grouting glass mosaic

• Ceramic coated, total color uniformity

• Ceramic coated, impermeable to water, stains and dirt

• Ceramized, prevents the development of fungi and bacteria

• Compliant with HACCP / reg. CE 852/2004 for the hygiene of food products

• Approved for naval use

Intended use

Grouting joints with high chemical and mechanical resistance, high hardness and waterproof; bonding of glass mosaic.

Materials to be grouted:

- porcelain stoneware, low thickness slabs, ceramic tiles, klinker, glass and ceramic mosaic, of all types and sizes

- recomposed materials

Interior floors and walls, for civil, commercial, industrial and urban furnishing use, subjected to permanent or occasional contact with chemical substances, in environments with intense traffic, swimming pools, tubs and fountains with thermal water, radiant floors, even in areas subject to temperature changes and frost.

Do not use

In floors with porous surfaces and where chemical resistances higher than or different from those indicated in the chemical resistance table are required, for filling elastic expansion or fractionation joints, on substrates that are not perfectly dry and subject to rising damp.