Bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture

Online sale of bathroom furniture at affordable prices.

A wide range of suspended bathroom furniture, on the ground for all styles.

Bathroom furniture on the ground, suspended and for the laundry, with different designs and materials to adapt to the space you have available and to every style. The choice of bathroom furniture passes through many variations that can simply be a matter of taste or a need for space. The suspended bathroom cabinet, for example, is well suited to modern environments and with space constraints, the fact of being able to exploit the space below for a laundry basket, for example, is considered a plus for this type of composition. The compositions in this sense are many, the bathroom cabinet can in fact be with one or two drawers, with a ceramic or resin top or with an open compartment, LED mirror or lamp. Another option could be that of bathroom cabinets on the ground , the choice can fall on this product for a simple stylistic question, in case of preference on the classic for example, or for wall constraints, when the supporting structure is not strong enough to support. a suspended piece of furniture. Also in this case, the bathroom cabinet on the ground can have one or two drawers, simple doors or open compartments. All the furniture can also be combined with a suspended bathroom column if there is a need for more space to cram objects, perfumes, creams, towels and other bathroom products.

Suspended column in gray... Suspended column in gray...

Suspended column in gray oak 35 cm Kiev series

Suspended column Oak 40 cm... Suspended column Oak 40 cm...

Suspended column Oak 40 cm Vienna series

Slavonia oak suspended... Slavonia oak suspended...

Slavonia oak suspended bathroom cabinet cm 80 Complete with Led touch mirror Oslo series

Suspended bathroom cabinet... Suspended bathroom cabinet...

Suspended bathroom cabinet 80 cm Complete with Led sensor mirror Berna series