Fugabella Color 08 of 3kg Kerakoll art. 15542


Color: 08
Format: 3 kg
Packaging type: paper bag

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Fugabella Color 08 of 3kg Kerakoll art. 15542

  • Color: 08
  • Format: 3 kg
  • Packaging type: paper bag

Decorative resin-cement® for grouting tiles, mosaics and marbles in 50 design colors. Green product for green building. Fugabella® Color is the revolutionary hybrid stucco to decorate any surface in stoneware, mosaic and natural stone. Fugabella® Color achieves characteristics of water repellency, very low water absorption, high surface hardness, high resistance to the most common acid substances and total color uniformity.

1. Fine grain finish
2. Superior flexibility
3. Water repellent with drop effect
4. High chromatic uniformity tested by CATAS
5. Collection of 50 colors, color designer Piero Lissoni
6. Easy cleaning and maintenance
7. Suitable for heated floors
8. Recyclable as inert mineral avoiding disposal costs and environmental impact
9. Natural antibacterial stabilized with pure natural lime, avoids additives with pesticides

Fields of application
Grouting joints from 0 to 20 mm with high resistance, smooth finish, high hardness, water repellent with drop effect.

Materials to be grouted:
- porcelain stoneware, low thickness slabs, ceramic tiles, klinker, terracotta, glass and ceramic mosaic, of all types and sizes
- natural stones, recomposed materials, marble.

Intended use:
- floors and walls, internal and external, for civil, commercial, industrial and urban furnishing use, in environments with intense traffic, even in areas subject to temperature changes and frost
- swimming pools, basins and fountains
- heated floors.

Do not use for joints greater than 20 mm in width, on floors and walls where specific chemical resistance and total non-absorbency to water are required; for filling elastic expansion or fractionation joints; on substrates with high deformability, not perfectly dry and subject to rising damp.