Saxolite Delta Plus 5 kg

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Item: 02452

Format: 5kg


Saxolite Delta Plus 5 kg

  • Item: 02452
  • Format: 5kg

Professional acid cleaner with superior technology, suitable for cleaning from cement or lime encrustations, saline or calcareous deposits, residues of adhesives and cementitious grouts, on ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, marbled stoneware, terracotta and glass mosaic.

THINABLE WITH WATER IN ALL RATIO - Delta Plus technology, with high dry residue, guarantees the possibility of being diluted directly on site in a specific way according to the application to be carried out and the physical characteristics of the surface to be treated. Delta Plus technology completely removes hardened limestone residues, even on the most compact materials, guaranteed by the action of a specific long-acting organic acid and low viscosity surfactants.

ACTION CONTROLLED AND FREE FROM TOXIC EXHALATIONS - Delta Plus technology develops a powerful corrosive action, equal to that of acids with higher danger of use, without giving off toxic fumes and vapors. The aggression of the treated surface occurs rapidly, stabilizing at a determined level, to guarantee a controlled and limited reaction to the substance to be removed.

IDEAL FOR CERAMIC AND COTTED COVERINGS - The cleaning of cement residues on ceramic tiles, efflorescence in joints and porous coatings such as terracotta are completely removed by the detergent action of Delta Plus, which develops a specific technology compatible with cementitious grouts hardened.

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