Fila CR10 cleaner for epoxy residues 1lt

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- Klinker
- Porcelain stoneware
- Glazed ceramic
- Acic Resistant Stones

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Fila CR10 cleaner for epoxy residues 1lt

High viscosity liquid detergent for cleaning surfaces from residues, stains and halos of epoxy grout.
Ideal for non-absorbent materials such as porcelain stoneware, glazed ceramics and glass mosaics.


- Thanks to its viscosity, it removes stains and stucco halos from surfaces.
- Respect the material.
- Easy to apply.
- Pleasant almond fragrance.
- Also effective in the case of consistent and seasoned residues.


- Cotto.
- Klinker.
- Porcelain stoneware.
- Glazed ceramic.
- Acic Resistant Stones.


Dilution: from pure to 1: 1 depending on the type of residue.

Application: Shake before use Removal of cured grout residue (after the put-on time of the grout used has elapsed): spread the undiluted product with a brush, perfectly covering all residues. Leave to act for about 30 minutes and rub with an abrasive sponge or spatula on the most consistent residues. For floor application it is possible to intervene with a single brush and suitable disc. Rinse carefully. In case of stubborn residues, repeat the application, leaving the product on for longer Removal of fresh residue: wait about an hour after grouting. Dilute the product 1: 1 in water. Apply and work the product with a soft pad without exerting excessive pressure. Rinse carefully. In order not to damage the fresh joints, do not let the product act for more than 2-3 minutes.


With a liter of product I make up to 10 m2

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