Fila PRC110 Consolidating Anti-degradation Lt. 5



- Cotto
- Klinker
- Unpolished stone and agglomerates
- Concrete



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Fila PRC110 Consolidating Anti-degradation Lt. 5

Consolidating protective product that restores consistency and resistance to natural stone, terracotta, bricks, facing bricks, klinker and concrete.
It acts by stopping the aging of materials and hindering the subsequent flaking: it penetrates deeply reacting with the substrate if it is of a silica nature, or creates a pure filling effect if the material is of a calcareous nature.
Increases the resistance of new brittle natural stones.


- Consolidates materials by strengthening their structure.
- It also consolidates the joints.
- Slows down natural degradation.
- It is a valid prevention for friable materials.
- Resists atmospheric agents.
- It does not create films or surface layers that turn yellow with age.
- Does not seal: covers porosity and lets it transpire.
- Its composition complies with the specifications for the restoration works even in the case of historical assets bound by the Superintendencies.


- Cotto.
- Klinker.
- Unpolished stone and agglomerates.
- Concrete.
- Tuff.


No dilution: ready to use

Application: Apply on dry substrates at a temperature between 5 ° and 30 ° C. Spray with airless method or apply with a roller until the substrate is saturated (it is saturated when the product has not yet been absorbed one minute after application). Apply evenly and abundantly and immediately eliminate excess product with FilaSolv. In the case of very damaged substrates, a second coat is required, to be applied no later than 4 hours after the first. If halos form because excess product has not been adequately removed, it is recommended to wash with FilaSolv using the airless method. In case of wall application it is necessary to start from the top.


With a liter of product I do:
from 1 to 10 m2