Fila PRW200 water-based pre-sealing protective 1 lt



- Cotto
- Klinker
- Unpolished stone and agglomerates

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Fila PRW200 water-based pre-sealing protective 1 lt

Water-based waterproofer effective against laying dirt, which facilitates the grouting operation and subsequent cleaning without altering the appearance of the materials.
Ideal for absorbent materials such as terracotta, klinker, natural, reconstructed and agglomerated stones.


- Protects from grouting.
- Does not alter the adhesion of the joint to the material.
- Simplifies cleaning after laying.
- Reduces drying times, making subsequent treatment faster.
- Does not alter the appearance of the material.
- Not sacrificial.
- Easy to apply.
- After application, any protective treatment can be carried out.
- Product with very low VOC emissions: Certified by GEV and marked by EC1PLUS, it contributes to the achievement of credits for the LEED.


- Cotto.
- Klinker.
- Unpolished stone and agglomerates.


No dilution: ready to use.

Application: Shake before use. Remove all the dust present on the surface to be treated.Application with a brush or fleece is also possible. Apply with care also on the edges of the laid material. The day following the application, grouting can be carried out, taking care to sponge the grout well before it dries completely. After curing, wash after installation with the cleaner most suitable for the type of material. Evaluate the subsequent protective treatment to complete the protection.

FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY: on vertical surfaces apply by spraying (airless system) dosing the product to refusal and using the appropriate PPE, as indicated in the safety data sheet.

With a liter of product I do:
Rustic, honed Impruneta terracotta
15/20 m2 Terracotta
handmade, spanish, tiles, bricks 7/10 m2
Stone 10/20 m2