Fila PS87 Degreasing dewaxing detergent LT. 1



- Cotto
- Klinker
- Porcelain stoneware
- Unpolished stone and agglomerates
- Glazed ceramic
- Concrete
- Linoleum and PVC

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Fila PS87 Degreasing dewaxing detergent LT. 1

Diluted, it cleans and degreases very dirty porcelain stoneware, ceramic, natural stone, terracotta and concrete floors.
Pure, it stains porcelain stoneware from impossible stains.
It is excellent for basic washing on non-acid resistant stones.
Ideal for basic washing of concrete.
Dewaxer for water-based, metallized and re-polishing waxes.
Eliminates the pre-treatment residue of polished polished porcelain stoneware.


- One product, three functions: for cleaning, stain removal, dewaxing.
- The only one that eliminates impossible stains from porcelain stoneware.
- Cleans but does not attack.
- Very easy to use.


- Cotto.
- Klinker.
- Porcelain stoneware.
- Unpolished stone and agglomerates.
- Glazed ceramic.
- Concrete.
- Linoleum and PVC.


Dilution: depending on the use

Application: Dilute in water (1: 10-1: 20) and apply to the surface. Leave to act for 4-5 minutes and then intervene with a single brush or a brush. Collect with a vacuum cleaner or rag and rinse well.For a more energetic cleaning dilute 1: 5 To remove stains from porcelain stoneware Pour pure on the stain and on the entire tile. Leave to act until completely dry, wash and rinse. To dewax Dilute 1: 5, spread and leave to act 10 minutes. Use a scrub brush or floor machine. Collect with a rag vacuum cleaner and rinse well.