Eurostyle Cosmo washbasin, bidet and concealed shower set without diverter Grohe drains included

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Eurostyle Cosmo washbasin and bidet set Grohe drains included:

- Single-lever mixer for Eurostyle Cosmo Grohe basin

- Single-lever mixer for bidet Eurostyle cosmo chrome Grohe

- EuroStyle Grohe chrome single-lever shower mixer

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Single-lever mixer for Eurostyle Cosmo Grohe basin

  • Item : 33552002
  • Drain plug : Yes
  • Usage : Washbasin
  • Finishing : Chrome Brass

What you expect from a modern product: easy-to-clean chrome surface, smooth lever operation and an elegant design. The pop-up drain is convenient and easy to operate. Enjoy the perfect combination of contemporary design and the reliability of Grhoe quality.

Single lever bidet mixer Eurostyle cosmo chrome Grohe

  • Item : 33565002
  • Drain plug : Yes
  • Use : Bidet
  • Finishing : Chrome Brass

Are you looking for a quality faucet for the bidet? This model from the GROHE Eurostyle Cosmopolitan line is the perfect choice. Its pure and elegant design is complemented by excellent functional performance. The spout with ball joint allows you to easily direct the jet according to your needs. After use, simply wipe the tap with a soft cloth to keep the shiny chrome surface shiny, restoring it to its original splendor even after years of use. GROHE offers you the perfect synthesis of design and functionality.

EuroStyle Grohe chrome single-lever shower mixer

The GROHE Starlight® chrome coating on the faucets means that just wiping them with a dry cloth will remove any limescale marks, streaks or stains. The super bright surface resists scratches and maintains its original shine with minimal maintenance.

  • Item : 33635002
  • Drain plug : No
  • Use : Shower
  • Finishing : Chrome Brass

GROHE standard spout bathroom taps are just the right height to allow you to wash your hands, face and teeth under a comfortable stream of water. Designed and built with your comfort in mind.

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