Control plates for toilets

Control plates for toilets

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Choose between the various types of toilet plates.

Drain systems nowadays have a wide range of flush actuation plates to suit all customer tastes and needs. In fact, the possibilities of choice are now almost infinite, ranging from the classic cheaper ABS plates with one or two rinses to those in brushed steel, glass to get to special finishes or even to the ceramic-coated plates capable of creating an effect I continue with the wall. The latest plates also feature touch sensors for 360 degree cleaning and hygiene. Whether it's a toilet grohe plaque, a geberit or Tece the choices are almost endless. In our shop you will find the best brands of toilet flush plates on the market such as Geberit , Grohe , Pucci , Tece and many others.


Geberit satin chrome remote control type 10, pneumatic, for two-quantity rinsing

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