Enamel Decor WR03 Kerakoll art. 07717


Universal enamel for:

- doors and windows in new seasoned or old wood to be repainted

- aluminum frames and plates

- PVC frames and plates

- radiators and metal elements suitably treated with anti-rust primer

- furniture in MDF, plywood or solid wood

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Enamel Decor WR03 Kerakoll art. 07717

Universal decorative enamel with HydroRapid technology with extra matt finish and silk-touch effect, ideal for use in GreenBuilding.

Water-based decorative and protective finish, highly resistant to scratches, water, oils and liquids, including food. Ideal for covering any surface (wood, aluminum, iron, PVC, MDF), it can be applied to many elements and furnishing accessories (doors, windows, fixtures, shelves, lights, grills, radiators and objects in general). For indoors and outdoors, in civil and commercial environments. For vertical surfaces and finishes.

Intended use

Universal enamel for:

  • new weathered or old wood doors and windows to be repainted
  • aluminum frames and plates
  • PVC frames and plates
  • radiators and metal elements suitably treated with anti-rust primer
  • furniture in MDF, plywood or solid wood

Do not use

On cold substrates (<+10 ° C), on damp substrates, in environments subject to prolonged contact with water or liquids, such as coating of tanks, containers for liquids, on metal substrates with the presence of rust, in the presence of rising damp . Do not use after 1.5 hours from mixing.


Mix Part A before use. Add the hardener flush with stirring in the ratio part A: part B = 5: 1.1 (by weight) and mix well until completely homogenized. For application on non-absorbent surfaces, prepare the first pure coat. For absorbent surfaces, dilute 30% with clean water and mix again for the application of the first coat as a primer or base coat. For the following coats, dilute the product at 5 - 10% with clean water and repeat the application on a perfectly dry product until coverage is achieved. Let it rest for a few minutes before proceeding with the application.


Decor® must be applied carefully over the entire surface with a short-haired roller, such as Slc® Roller Plus, or with a sponge, brush or spray in two, three or more coats until the desired coverage is achieved (depending on the color used); diluted with clean water first coat at 30% by weight with water as a primer for absorbent substrates. For light colors (WR01 - WR03), starting from a dark base, even 4 coats may be necessary to achieve total coverage (respecting the yield of 0.1 kg / m2 per coat). On non-absorbent surfaces, such as metal or plastic, apply the first pure coat. In subsequent coats dilute with clean water ≈ 5 - 10% by weight with water and mix again. The environmental conditions necessary to carry out the decoration require an environment and substrate temperature between +15 ° C and +30 ° C and a relative humidity of the environment below 75%. Before applying to metal, check that the temperature of the coating is above +10 ° C. On large surfaces, do not cross the rolls, keeping the face fresh and avoiding passing over already spread areas to allow the pigment to settle in the film and avoid color alteration. The overcoating time between first and second coat is 6 - 12 hours, for subsequent coats 2 - 12 hours. Respect the coverage of ≈ 0.1 kg / m² per coat. If there is more than 12 hours between coats, lightly sand with Slc® Durasoft System Softpad abrasive before applying the next coat. Avoid application under direct sunlight. After application, the surfaces must be protected from water and humidity until the film is completely dry. In the case of using different batches of colored product or completing a job, it is advisable to mix the various productions together (part A) in order to avoid slight differences in shades.