On the ground from 101 to 120

On the ground from 101 to 120

Bathroom furniture on the ground from 100 to 120

Many models of free-standing bathroom cabinets ready for delivery at unbeatable prices.

The bathroom cabinet on the ground is the typical product that if contextualized in the right bathroom environment manages to make everything more harmonious. This type of furniture resting on a base or with feet on the ground, offers more stability and allows you to take advantage of all the space available. Furthermore, these pieces of furniture are among the most suitable for bathrooms that require a refined but still functional furniture.
From 100, 110 or 120 cm our products can be had in various finishes: Wood effect, glossy, opaque, vitrified and satin, the tops can also be in both ceramic and resin depending on the practical and aesthetic needs and the mirrors are available with LED lamp or backlit with touch sensors and switches.

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