Full white marble resin Gel Coat shower tray 80x140x3cm Space




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Full white marble resin Gel Coat shower tray 80x140x3cm Space

  • Series: Non-slip
  • Weight: 45.00 Kg
  • Discharge: Ø 90
  • Length (cm) : 80
  • Width (cm) : 140
  • Height (cm) : 3
  • Material: Marmoresina Full gelcoat
  • Color: White
  • Drain plug Ø 90: Included

For the application of the Gel Coat Spazio shower trays, we recommend Kerakoll H40 EXTREME adhesive gel

Spazio Gel Coat shower trays are manufactured with unsaturated polyester resins of the isophthalic / neopentylglycol type, which have numerous advantages:

  • They have an impact resistance similar to any stone,
  • A minimum water absorption (0.1%),
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Excellent resistance to hydrolysis.

All Spazio Gel Coat shower trays are non-slip and antibacterial , two essential qualities, and they have also been manufactured under strict quality controls to certify their optimal functioning. The Gel Coat shower trays by Spazio are in colored paste thanks to the use of advanced compaction techniques that allow mixing the components and their thermal fusion. By previously mixing the dye with the resins, a uniform color plate is obtained that does not need to be painted later. In this way it is avoided that in the long term the surface paint peels to have a compact, uniform plate, without air bubbles inside which avoids cracking of the surface.