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Name: Waterline shower tray 120 X 70 x 4.5.
Series: Stepin Non-slip
Code: 107470
Weight: 35.00 Kg
Length: 120
Width: 70
Discharge: Central
Height: 4.5
Material: ceramic
White color
To be completed with Ø 90 drain plug

The shower trays combine timeless design and innovative functionality and unique advantages in terms of hygiene: the water flows completely, bacteria do not enter and the surfaces are cleaned quickly and easily.

Sanindusa has won the excellent brand image and trust of its customers. Success served only as a stimulus, it was also an invitation to face new challenges, with new technologies and the development of information and innovation mechanisms to facilitate the provision of an excellent service that characterizes us. And we are not just talking about the internal market, but also about foreign markets. Since the beginning of its creation in 1993 the Group has exported its products and today it is present with its products in 84 countries, distributed in the 4 corners of the world. Foreign markets were, from the outset, seen as essential to management's intended growth. Strategic management combined with key success factors, such as quality, design, innovation, service and competitiveness.
With everyone's effort, skill and perseverance, it is now a globally recognized brand in the construction industry. And it is with great pride that he is constantly improving at all levels to face the future with great optimism.