Shower trays

Shower trays

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The shower tray is an essential element in a shower space, the latest technologies allow a varied production for all tastes. In fact, the shower tray can be chosen from various sizes, materials and surfaces. You can choose from the classic ceramic shower trays with clean and linear surfaces, a guarantee of hygiene and design at the right price. The resin shower trays for a real stone effect and a comfortable and natural feeling under the feet or shower trays in gelcoat , a latest generation and avant-garde material which thanks to its high quality allows to effectively prevent many types of stains or damage that could occur. Most of the resin or gelcoat products in the catalog have the possibility of being cut and shaped to measure in order to obtain a precise and clean final result. We have selected for you the best models both for their aesthetic appearance and for their ease of cleaning, offering quality at discounted prices. In our Shop, always in constant evolution, you will find all the news that the market will offer. Sanitary fixtures from the best brands such as Spazio , Hidra , The Art Ceram , Sanindusa , Cielo and many others.

Shower tray 70X90X4.5 Art.... Shower tray 70X90X4.5 Art....

Shower tray 70X90X4.5 Art. 709045


Shower tray 120X70X11 Art. 1207011

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Shower tray 120X80X11 Art.... Shower tray 120X80X11 Art....

Shower tray 120X80X11 Art. 1208011