Decorative silicone color sealant 27 Kerakoll art.50263


1. Collection of 50 colors, color designer Piero Lissoni

2. Anti-mold

3. High chromatic stability

4. Frost resistant

5. Ideal for sealing porcelain stoneware and ceramic tiles

6. Ideal for swimming pools and in permanent contact with water

7. Reduces the risk of dangerous and polluting loads for the environment in storage and transport

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Decorative silicone color sealant 27 Kerakoll art.50263

  • Color: 27
  • Item: 50263
  • Format: 310 ml

Decorative sealant for tiles and mosaics in 50 design colors. Green product for green building. Silicone Color develops high adhesion to non-absorbent surfaces, guaranteeing the integrity and hydraulic seal of ceramic coatings subject to deformation.

Intended use

Elastic and waterproof sealing of expansion and connection joints on:

- porcelain stoneware, low thickness slabs, ceramic tiles, klinker, glass and ceramic mosaic, of all types and sizes

- sanitary appliances, showers

- metal windows and doors

- glass and fiberglass

Indoor and outdoor, even in areas subject to freezing, on fractionation, expansion and connection joints of balcony, terrace, indoor floors, aquariums, swimming pools.