Flush-to-wall bidet 52 cm glossy white Flo Kerasan series

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Article: 3120

Dimension: 36cm x 52cm x 42h

Typology: Flush-to-the-wall

Finish: Glossy White

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Flush-to-wall bidet 52 cm glossy white Flo Kerasan series

  • Article: 3120
  • Dimension: 36cm x 52cm x 42h
  • Typology: Flush-to-the-wall
  • Finish: Glossy White

The Flo bidet: a masterpiece of contemporary design

Modern bathrooms have become masterpieces of contemporary design that increasingly occupy the time of interior architects as they are real relaxation areas where to relax the body and mind. Even the bathroom fixtures have been transformed into real sculptures, of great visual impact, becoming fundamental elements to create a modern and aesthetically elegant bathroom. Thus also the bidet, one of the indispensable elements of the modern bathroom, has taken on various shapes and various dimensions, light and sinuous, capable of integrating itself in furnishing contexts of the highest level. The Flo bathroom bidet is an example of a latest generation sanitary ware where functionality and elegance come together to create a solution for the bathroom of the highest level and which, at the same time, is solid and safe.

The Flo back to wall bidet, a completely Made in Italy product

The floor-mounted sanitary ware has a timeless design that manages to survive time and fashion and are still in great demand today for their functionality and sober elegance. The Flo single-hole bidet is a completely Made in Italy product and combines great solidity with elegant lightness. Made of the highest quality porcelain, it has a high gloss and greater resistance to stains and dirt and due to its innovative design it is also easy to clean.
This type of bidet is able to satisfy every type of need since it is mounted directly on the ground and for this reason it gives a feeling of greater stability and resistance, precisely because it is installed on the floor and placed against the wall and the weight is distributed evenly.
Its rounded and extremely refined shapes transform it into a classic with modern shapes to be placed in all environments to be furnished with style. This type of bidet is of the latest generation and has been designed to be installed flush with the wall, in this way precious centimeters are also recovered for those who do not have much space available. At the same time, its innovative structure makes it possible to hide the fixings and the drain pipes in an excellent way, thus having a sanitary fixture with a modern and extremely functional aesthetic, ideal for being inserted into new design bathrooms.
This type of sanitary is suitable for those who do not want to give up the classic bidet placed on the ground, but at the same time do not want to show the drain pipes on the back of the same which, in this case, are hidden in the wall and covered by the sanitary fixture itself. . The Flo bidet on the ground is easy to assemble and can be installed quickly, it measures 52 cm (also available in 48 and 56 cm) and is complete with WB5N fixing that prevents contact between the screw and the ceramic making sure that is damaged during installation.
This type of fixing is perfectly suited to the different types of ceramics and to the different shapes of sanitary ware. The Flo bidet can be combined with the toilet and bathtub of the same line and be inserted in all simple but refined environments of contemporary furniture.

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