Wall-hung bidet Smeraldo Spazio series



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Glossy white wall hung bidet Smeraldo Spazio series

  • Article: SPASMEBI
  • Dimension: 37 x 48 x 32.5
  • Typology: Suspended
  • Finish: Glossy White

Why choose a suspended toilet?

The choice of sanitary ware to be placed inside your bathroom cannot be linked to a purely aesthetic question. The design of the various elements that compose it plays a leading role in the final result, this is obvious, but such a purchase cannot be separated from the evaluation of other equally determining factors. Before being aesthetically pleasing, a vase must be excellent from a qualitative point of view and easy to clean. And it is thanks to this last peculiarity that suspended sanitary ware are now the most popular and are destined, as such, to overthrow the classic ones to be fixed to the floor once and for all. The reason is obvious: even just the fact of being able to carry out an accurate and impeccable cleaning of the part underneath the vase is a quality particularly appreciated by those who are about to shop for their bathroom.