Wall hung toilet 54 cm Norim Flo series Kerasan Slim soft close seat included


Article: 3111
Dimension: 37cm x 54cm x 34.5h
Typology: Suspended
Finish: Glossy White

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Wall hung toilet 54 cm Norim glossy white Flo series Kerasan Slim soft close seat included

  • Article: 3111
  • Dimension: 37cm x 54cm x 34.5h
  • Typology: Suspended
  • Finish: Glossy White

Rimless suspended toilet: the new elegant bathroom furnishing solution. When we decide to redo the look of our bathroom we have to arm ourselves with imagination and versatility to find all those furnishing solutions that make this room that is too often mistreated dynamic and functional. The new fashions for bathroom furniture see the proliferation of suspended and custom-made accessories, in order to ensure all the comforts to users without having to take up too much space in an environment that, sometimes, can also be small.
The toilet deserves very special attention: in addition to being comfortable, it must boast an innovative cleaning system that is always in step with the times and must also be aesthetically well made, like a highly prized piece of design.

Why choose a suspended toilet?

The choice of sanitary ware to be placed inside your bathroom cannot be linked to a purely aesthetic question. The design of the various elements that compose it plays a leading role in the final result, this is obvious, but such a purchase cannot be separated from the evaluation of other equally determining factors. Before being aesthetically pleasing, a vase must be excellent from a qualitative point of view and easy to clean. And it is thanks to this last peculiarity that suspended sanitary ware are now the most popular and are destined, as such, to overthrow the classic ones to be fixed to the floor once and for all. The reason is obvious: even just the fact of being able to carry out an accurate and impeccable cleaning of the part underneath the vase is a quality particularly appreciated by those who are about to shop for their bathroom.

Wall-hung toilet without rim: not just a design object

Everyone likes to have a bathroom that is well-finished, elegant, in the latest fashion and with bathroom fixtures with an original touch. Kerasan, however, with its suspended sanitary ware manages to go even further. Because these furnishings not only fascinate for their well-finished appearance but also because, thanks to the sophisticated and innovative Norim rimless system, cleaning operations are not simply more efficient but contribute to a decisive water saving, exploiting the great power of water. which is distributed evenly, contributing to a total and deep cleaning. A real revolution not only in bathroom furnishings but a step forward towards the purest and most rigorous avant-garde. Made in shapes with a surprising modern allure, these suspended vases are inspired by minimal chic trends, with functional and modern sanitary ware, for a perfect combination of style, practicality and the highest quality of the raw materials used. With the new and innovative Kerasan sanitary ware, the bathroom will become one of the symbolic places of our homes.