Suspended sanitary ware

Suspended sanitary ware

Online sale of suspended sanitary ware at super affordable prices.

Choose between the various types of suspended sanitary ware.

A vast choice of suspended sanitary ware to choose from both for their aesthetic appearance and for their ease of use and cleaning. In this category you can choose the suspended bathroom fixtures that best suit your needs. This solution is now the most used on the market, suspended toilets and bidets are in fact less bulky than classic floor-mounted sanitary ware, the space below also facilitates cleaning of the bathroom, especially when the environment is not very large. These sanitary fixtures can be installed in masonry using special brackets or in plasterboard using Geberit combifix - duofix modules. The latest models are also characterized by the absence of a rim, the internal lines are clean and have no grooves inside which dirt and bacteria could lurk. In our shop you will find the best brands of cheap suspended sanitary ware on the market such as Geberit , Scarabeo , The Art Ceram , Domus Falerii and many others.

Rimless A16 The artceram... Rimless A16 The artceram...
The Art Ceram

Rimless A16 The artceram toilet seat included