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Pair of wall hung toilet seats including iCon Geberit


Couple of wall-hung toilet seats including Icon Geberit:

- Wall-hung toilet iCon Geberit art. 500.813.00.1 Toilet seat included

- Wall-hung Bidet iCon Geberit art. 234000000

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Wall-hung toilet Icon Geberit art. 78315 Toilet seat included

Included white thermosetting toilet seat.
with wall drain, complete with thermosetting seat.

  • Article: 500.813.00.1
  • Material: white ceramic
  • Weight: 23 Kg.
  • Size: Cm.35,5x53x33
  • Works with 4.5 liters.

Wall-hung Bidet Icon Geberit art. 234000000

Available for single-hole taps.
Complete with fixing kit 89962.

  • Item: 234000000
  • Material: White ceramic
  • Weight: 18 Kg
  • Size: Cm 53x35,5x26

Among the various types of sanitary ware on the market, the suspended ones are the most requested, for the modern design they are able to give to the bathroom and for the convenience during cleaning. Having a free floor also means having a perception of more space. The pipes pass only on the walls, therefore, in case of works, it is not necessary to intervene on the flooring as well.

The Icon series represents the simple solution to the problem of how to combine aesthetic qualities and functionality: beauty and comfort, together summarized in the most current formula.