Couple of suspended sanitary fixtures 50 cm glossy white Flo Kerasan series

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Kerasan Flo series 50 cm glossy white suspended sanitary ware:

- Glossy white wall hung toilet 50 cm Flo Kerasan series Slim soft close seat included

- Glossy white wall hung bidet 50cm Flo Kerasan series.

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Glossy white wall hung toilet 50 cm Flo series Kerasan Slim soft close seat included

  • Article: 3115
  • Dimension: 36cm x 50cm x 34h
  • Typology: Suspended
  • Finish: Glossy White

Why choose a suspended toilet?

The choice of sanitary ware to be placed inside your bathroom cannot be linked to a purely aesthetic question. The design of the various elements that compose it plays a leading role in the final result, this is obvious, but such a purchase cannot be separated from the evaluation of other equally determining factors. Before being aesthetically pleasing, a vase must be excellent from a qualitative point of view and easy to clean. And it is thanks to this last peculiarity that suspended sanitary ware are now the most popular and are destined, as such, to overthrow the classic ones to be fixed to the floor once and for all. The reason is obvious: even just the fact of being able to carry out an accurate and impeccable cleaning of the part underneath the vase is a quality particularly appreciated by those who are about to shop for their bathroom.

Soft and enveloping lines for the 3115 wall hung toilet

The 3115 wall-hung toilet is a striking example of how a sanitary ware can be beautiful and functional at the same time. It is fixed to the wall, at the height that best suits the needs of the tenants of the house, and with its soft and clean lines it will be able to give character and personality to the bathroom it will enrich. It does not have an angular shape like many of the suspended sanitary ware currently on the market, on the contrary: its shape is rounded and the corners are therefore rounded and enveloping. Comfort, thanks to these soft lines, is consequently guaranteed.

Glossy white wall hung bidet Flo Kerasan series

  • Article: 3125
  • Dimension: 36cm x 50cm x 20h
  • Typology: Suspended
  • Finish: Glossy White

The Flo wall-hung bidet, a contemporary design element

The modern bathroom is no longer an intimate and reserved place but has become the fulcrum of the house, an extremely comfortable and relaxing place, based on linear and clean shapes that help the body and mind to relax and where to devote yourself to the care of your person becomes a unique experience. The customization of the bathroom is characterized by quality and high levels of comfort. The bathroom fixtures are the real protagonists in this place and take on new shapes and new dimensions that enrich all the furnishings. The wall-hung bidet is part of the Flo collection and together with the other sanitary fixtures such as the toilet, the washbasin and the bathtub with their rounded and linear shapes, they are perfect to fit into modern and sophisticatedly elegant contexts. The wall-hung bidet is a contemporary design element that combines great functionality with top-level technology.

It is made of pure white ceramic, it is resistant to scratches, bumps and stains and above all to detergent treatments with aggressive chemical components. Ceramic is also a powerful anti-limescale and has a strong resistance to its formation. For this reason, with the passage of time, this material prevents the formation of unsightly stains and ensures that its color remains unchanged. This bidet is also hygienic because, precisely because it is suspended, it ensures easy and greater cleaning. This type of sanitary is fixed to the wall and the drain pipes are installed in the wall and in this way are hidden in the wall. In addition, the sanitary becomes even more silent since the water drains into the wall and not to the ground. This bidet is equipped with acoustic and shockproof protection, a rubber shape that is installed between the wall and the ceramic of the bidet with the function of reducing the noises of the drain and cushioning any small blows that could damage the ceramic.

The Flo wall-hung bidet, when tradition and innovation come together

Being suspended, the Flo bidet is secured to the wall with invisible brackets and is extremely safe as it is the result of careful processing with compliance with the highest standards of quality and safety. This sanitary fixture also takes up minimal space and can also be inserted in small bathrooms, giving the bathroom greater space. The wall-hung bidet of the Flo collection has an attractive design and combines with the other sanitary fixtures, such as the toilet and the washbasin, which are always suspended and have an elegant aesthetic capable of fitting into any furnishing context, both the sober and minimal lines of the 'urban-chic, an alternative and sophisticated style that is very fashionable today, as well as the more refined and slightly vintage style typical of classic furniture. The wall-hung bidet of the Flo line is a contemporary piece of furniture with a great visual impact that combines great functionality with top-level technology. This sanitary is the result of excellent quality and new technologies that have made it possible to create a real timeless masterpiece capable of challenging fashions and times.

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