Floors and walls

Floors and walls

Online sale of floors and walls at affordable prices.

Choose from the various types of floors and walls for indoors and outdoors.

The best brands forfloors and walls at unbeatable priceswith delivery throughout Italy and Europe.

The choice offloors and wallsis the first aspect to take into consideration when it comes to furnishing a home or commercial space. On Pianetaffari.it you can find different types ofindoor and outdoor floors and walls at affordable prices. Choose theflooror thecoatingthat gives your environment the style you want and that is the most comfortable and suitable solution for your needs. From the charming and welcoming parquet to the elegant marble, from the authentic naturalness of the stone, to the modern porcelain stoneware ceramics. The latter is a less ancient material, if compared to the others, but more durable and practical, suitable for all architectural environments, both residential and commercial. On Pianetaffari.it you will find a wide range ofrectified porcelain stoneware floor and wall coverings for interiors and exteriorsand with multiple finishes: natural, honed, matt, waxed, grip and lux.

Among the advantages that theporcelain stonewareoffers, in addition to its aesthetic versatility, there is resistance to wear, resistance to frost and to any type of thermal shock. It is this last point that makes theporcelain stoneware tiles an excellent choice of floor covering for interiors and exteriors. In our catalog you will find manyporcelain stoneware floors and wallswood effect, marble effect, concrete effect and stone effect at unbeatable prices and available for immediate delivery. The large slabs in marble-effect, concrete-effect or resin-effect porcelain stoneware also deserve a further note of consideration which, thanks to their limited thickness and small-sized joints, ensure your environments a total look effect of a continuous surface. For internal coverings, the preference is usually given toceramicto porcelain stoneware due to the fact that they do not need resistance to foot traffic and the cost is slightly lower, while porcelain stoneware which can be glazed, honed, natural, mass-colored or full body due to its characteristics can be used more comfortably to coatinterior floorsAndexternal wallswhich are often in contact with atmospheric agents and subject to sudden changes in temperature.

In the catalog of Pianetaffari.it you will find severalfloors and walls for interiors and exteriorswith effects, graphics and formats that will best meet your needs. Discover the floor and wall covering collections of the best brands:Ceramica Sant'Agostino,GardeniaOrchid,Florim,Rex,Cerim, Abk, Imola and many others.

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